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The Secrets of Super Cheap Airplane Tickets

Most people are just a little to accepting of the outrageous prices airlines charge for their tickets these day. They find the flight they want, get out their credit card, and pay the going price without thinking twice. Unfortunately for them they are missing out on substantial savings because it is possible to find and purchase super cheap airplane tickets. Fortunately for you this article will share some tips and tricks to help you find these great deals.


If you are like most people you probably purchase your tickets through a travel agent. While this isn’t the best place to get good deals on plane tickets if you find a good travel agent who takes you into their confidence you may get lucky and get some pretty big discounts on your next travel plans. But you do have to remember that travel agents are there to make money and they work as a middle man between their customers and the airlines and they get a good sized cut for any sale they make.

One of the most powerful tools in the search for cheap airfare are the many airline booking search engines. These search engines search through the many travel and airline websites on the internet looking for the best possible discounts for you. This saves you the time and energy of searching through all these sites on your own.

While the internet can be a great place to find super cheap plane tickets there is another place where you may be able to find even better deals. If you go directly to the source there are deep discounts to be had. Call the airlines ticketing agents directly and simply ask what kinds of deals they have for the destination you wish to travel to. The best time to call is just after midnight because this is when all their computer systems update with the days prices. This usually includes a limited number of extremely cheap airfares.

The last tip is to be flexible, not only with your travel dates and time, but also while you’re at the airport. Many airlines overbook and when the boarding call comes they will ask if anyone is willing to give up their seats for a later flight. The reward for doing this is usually a voucher for a free flight to anywhere that airline flies. It doesn’t get much cheaper then free.

Finding super cheap airplane tickets is relatively easy once you know where to look and get the hang of how the airline ticketing system works. The best part of saving money on your airfare is it leaves extra cash in your pocket when you arrive at your destination. And wouldn’t you rather spend your money on yourself instead of airline tickets.

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